Dowling, Niamh (1999)

Alexander Technique into performance

177 minutes

Niamh Dowling trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and with Monika Pagneux in Paris. She is currently head of the School of Theatre at Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K. and works in repertory theatre as a Movement Director. This archive is a record of a workshop she gave to a group of performers at the London Studio Centre. The workshop was based on the principles of the Alexander Technique both as a preparation for work and as a technical basis from which to release performance. (1999)

Duck, Katie (2002)

On Exiting

31 minutes

Katie Duck is well known in Europe as an unorthodox and influential improviser. This is a record of a workshop she gave to dancers at Chisenhale in London during 2002. The record is repeated twice, with a commentary by her over the second repeat. (2002)

Dupuy, Dominique (1997)

The Poetics of Movement

93 minutes

Dominique Dupuy has been a unique and highly respected presence in French contemporary dance for over fifty years. In 1996, the International Workshop Festival invited Dupuy to come to the U.K. for the first time and to work with dancers and performers over a five day period.

This archive is a record of the training session of the last day - the first time that Dupuy had allowed a radio microphone to be used. In this session, Dupuy, using a variety of practices and objects including sticks, heavy skirts and bars, is seen moving the participants towards a fuller relationship between gesture, image and space. (1997)

Dupuy, Dominique (2004)

Autour du Baton

37 minutes

This archive attends to Dupuy's use of the baton - a small stick - in his movement training. The recording was made during a workshop at the Jerwood Space, London. Also included are articles and statements by Dupuy. (2004)

Eisenberg, Avner (2004)

A Discourse on Clowning

103 minutes

Avner Eisenberg is one of today's great clowns. He was invited by CircElation to Leeds in 2004 to work with other British clowns and street performers. This is a record of his work with the participants and considers such matters as the breath, problem solving and interaction with the audience. (2004)

Etchells, Tim (2005)

On the work of Forced Entertainment

90 minutes

Tim Etchells is leader and founding member of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment, one of the most influential theatre companies to have emerged from the UK in the last twenty years. In this recording, made at the CircElation festival in Leeds UK in 2005, Etchells talks of the history of the company's work, their concerns and approaches and draws on archival photographs and video footage. Etchells has published widely, including the acclaimed Certain Fragments (Routledge 1999).


Furse, Anna (1991)

Augustine (Big Hysteria)


This is a recording of the 1991 Time Out award winning play performed by PAINES PLOUGH and written and directed by Anna Furse. (Published by Harwood Academic, 1997.) The play is based on the celebrated hysteric patient of Jean Martin Charcot at the Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris which Freud visited before returning to Vienna to initiate what became known as psychoanalysis. This archive video also contains notes by Anna Furse.

Furse, Anna (2003)

Yerma's Eggs


This performance project explored infertility and Assisted Reproduction Technologies (A.R.T) across the gender, sexuality, ethnic and reproductive experiences within the company. The production blended physical theatre and video projection both documentary and cutting-edge bio-medical material such as 3D/4D ultrasound imagery. The title of the piece comes from the Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca's play YERMA (meaning ‘barren') about a desperately childless peasant girl in 1920's pro-natalist Spain. Premiered at Riverside Studios in London and the Explore@Bristol science venue in May/June 2003. It was funded by an Impact Award from The Wellcome Trust. Ancillary activities included bio-ethical debates and workshops in schools and colleges..

Furse, Anna (2007)



An edited recording of a performance installation in Guy's Hospital, London, by Anna Furse, Director of the company Athletes of the Heart.

The piece, funded in part by the Wellcome Trust, was performed by the Butoh artist Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and addresses the overlapping scientific and artistic portrayals of the interior world of the human body, particularly as they concern Assisted Reproduction protocols

Furse, Anna (2008)

Don Juan. Who?


Recorded in 2008 at The Riverside Studios, London, as part of the Festival of Central and Eastern European Arts (Feeast), Don Juan. Who? was a co-production between Athletes of the Heart, UK (Artistic Director: Anna Furse) and Mladinsko Theatre, Slovenia.

Also included is a fact file of photographs, commentaries and other writings. (2008)

Furse, Anna (2009)

Sick of Love


This is a recording of a performance by Athletes of the Heart (Artistic Director: Anna Furse) given at Rosemary Branch, London, in November 2009 as part of the Suspense – London Puppetry Festival, directed by Peter Glanville, Artistic Director of Little Angel Theatre. (2009)


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