Fava , Antonio (1993)

Antonio Fava and John Rudlin

Masks of the Commedia Dell'Arte.

90 minutes

This archive concentrates upon the Commedia masks of the Italian mask maker and actor Antonio Fava and how they are used in action. Antonio Fava, one of Italy's leading exponents of Commedia Dell'Arte, worked with Lecoq and Dario Fo before founding the "International School of Comic Acting" in Reggio Emilia. He has taught and performed widely both in Europe and in French-speaking Africa.

Additional commentary and analysis is by John Rudlin, author of a book on Copeau (Cambridge University Press), and of a forthcoming book on Commedia, to be published by Routledge. (1993)

Foursight Theatre (2002)

Reans Girls Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

63 minutes and 66 minutes

Founded in 1987, Foursight Theatre gained a national and international reputation for creating unusual, uncompromising and multi-disciplinary work which reviewed history through the eyes of women, unknown, famous and infamous. The company was committed to creating both devised and text-based theatre which placed the actor at the centre of the process, combining word, movement and music. Reans Girls celebrated the presence of migrant women in Wolverhampton. Volume 1 consists of a recording of the show, Volume 2 of interviews documenting the process of creation. The Company closed for lack of financial support in the cut-backs consequent upon the crash of 2008.


Forced Entertainment (2001)

Who can Sing a Song to Unfrighten Me?

24 hours (4 Volumes. Each 360 minutes)

In June 1999 Forced Entertainment, one of the U.K.'s most innovative theatre companies, was co-commissioned by the London International Festival of Theatre and the Theaterfestival Spielart München to perform for 24 hours in the South Bank's Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. The company has often performed at the edge of theatre and the Arts Documentation Unit was interested to see if, this time, they fell off. Needless to say, they held their ground with aplomb. These four archive videos constitute an unedited record of that event and could be of interest to anyone concerned with the company's development. (2001)

Forti, Simone (1993)

The CNDO transcripts


12 Monographs in e-book form. Average length: 20 pages each.


Over twelve months, through 1991 and 1992, the Center for New Dance Development (CNDO), in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in collaboration with the Arts Documentation Unit, U.K., undertook to interview the contemporary dancers and related artists who were teaching residencies at the Centre during that time. In all, some 36 artists from Europe, the United States and Canada, were asked to describe their work and its current development. The intention was to provide a snap-shot of some of the concerns of a generation of dancers in the early 1990s.

From this material, separate monographs by dancers and related artists have been produced. (1993)

Ellen Barlow Jerry Hunt Stephanie Skura
Simone Forti Karen Nelson Nancy Stark Smith
Deborah Hay Lisa Nelson Meg Stuart
K.J.Holmes Lee Saunders Christine Svane

Fusheng, Liu (2001)

Fight in the dark

90 minutes

" Fight in the dark", in full light, is one of the classic scenes of Beijing Opera. Liu Fusheng and Lü Zhaofang have both taught at the China Academy of Traditional Opera for the last 25 years and in this archive, with the assistance of a translator, they are seen teaching a group of Western performers at the International Workshop Festival, the skills of precise movement, rhythm, seeing-not-seeing and dramaturgy demanded by the scene. Additionally, "Change face" is also investigated. This is a particular and striking technique, one which Brecht would have noticed, involving eye and head movement that punctuates the end of a skill routine and challenges the audience's attention. (2001)

Hahlo, Richard (1994)

An introduction to Stanislavski for teachers

90 minutes

Richard Hahlo, an actor trained in the U.K. and America and a member of the Royal National Theatre, introduces a group of teachers to some central concerns of Stanislavski in preparatory work on the character of Mme. Ranevskaia from Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard. Material for this archive was gathered at the Royal National Theatre, London, over a two day workshop. (1994)

Hamilton, Julyen (1994)

Dance Improvisation

90 minutes

Julyen Hamilton has, for many years, been a leading dancer in the field of solo and contact improvisation, both in Europe and the United States. He performs widely and is also a much respected teacher. He is now based in Spain. This archive, in which Hamilton both dances and speaks whilst dancing, is an attempt to look closely at the moment-to-moment changes that occur in movement improvisation and at the imaginative world within which they take place. The record was made in October 1993. (1994)


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