Akademia Ruchu (1993)

Performance of "Everyday life after the Revolution II. "
Wojciech Krukowski in conversation.

90 minutes

One of the most significant theatre groups in Poland, Akademia Ruchu has created work which lies between theatre and the visual arts. Founded in 1973 by Wojciech Krukowski - artist, art historian, Solidarity cultural and education policy organizer and Director of the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw - the company has systematically taken its work out into public spaces. This archive contains a recording of their theatre performance - "Everyday life after the Revolution II" - and of Wojciech Krukowski in conversation. (1993)

Akademia Ruchu (1993)

A Workshop: Compositional techniques.

240 minutes

This is a four hour edited version of a five day workshop by Akademia Ruchu exploring some of the group's working methods given in Cardiff in the autumn of 1992. How objects are performed, how actions are undertaken to release images within material, how events hold meanings are some of the issues addressed by this company that for many years under a communist regime used no words, having to invent another language. (1993)

Allain, Paul (2001)

Suzuki training - an introductory file (1).

34 minutes

During 1999/2000 the Suzuki Training Practice and Research Group, based in London, investigated Tadashi Suzuki's actor training. The Arts Documentation Unit followed the training during that time and recorded the introduction given by Antje Diedrich and the group at a one day conference at Goldsmith's College, University of London, in February 2000. This 34 minute recording is accompanied by Allain's written commentary, a webography, etc. (2001)


Allain, Paul (2001)

Suzuki training - an introductory file (2)

93 minutes

This archive is of Allain introducing what are known as the Basics to a group of performers, together with an interview with Fran Barbe, a long time practitioner of the training. (2001)

Amy de la Breteque, Dr Benoît (1999)

The anatomy of the voice

163 minutes

Doctor Amy de la Breteque is a phoniatrician, working in Marseille, France. He is also a singer, and has directed the Franco-German Choir in Montpellier since 1986. In November 1997 he was invited by the International Workshop Festival to give two lectures on the anatomy of the voice to an audience at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. These lectures detailed, through diagram and film, current understanding of the physiological processes of breathing, speaking and singing. This archive gives an unedited record of these two lectures, together with an hour long documentary of his work with one actress in an individual session. (1999)

Andrews, Gaël (1993)

Voice Practice

180 minutes

Gaël Andrews, a founder member of the Roy Hart Theatre Group, has developed his own methods and insights, drawing from a number of vocal traditions and therapies. He teaches at international business schools such as BOCCIONI in Milan, ISG and the Groupe Axe in Paris. Gaël Andrews is known for the precise way in which he relates talking and singing to bodily and mental operations. In this archive, Gaël Andrews works with an English voice teacher, Charlie Hughes D'Aeth, recording in detail these relationships. (1993)

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