Arambam, Lokendra (1999)

The Way of the Warrior.

157 minutes

In 1998 the International Workshop Festival, London, produced, on behalf of Asia House, a festival of martial arts, led by a number of the world's leading practitioners. The Arts Documentation Unit recorded three aspects of each of these art forms - the introductory demonstrations given at Sadlers Wells, the workshops given by the artists to each other whilst performing in Germany, and the full performances given in London. In Volume 1:

Henry Smith (USA) - Aikido
Monks from the Shaolin Monastery (China) - Shaolin Kung Fu
L.Arambam/N. Khilton (Manipur) - Thang Ta

Armstrong, Richard (1999)


178 minutes

Richard Armstrong was a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre. He runs the Twentieth Century Opera and Song Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta and works with Autumn Leaf Performance in Toronto. His home is in Corsica. Armstrong is acknowledged as a remarkable teacher of vocal and musical performance, working in many different parts of the world. This archive observes him at work with performers, assisting them to locate their individual range, particularly focusing on the connections between the voice and the personality of each performer.(1999)

Barba, Eugenio (1997)

Meyerhold's Etude: Throwing the Stone

60 minutes

The still pictures of Meyerhold's études are well-known; how the ...



études actually occur in time and space, less so. At a conference devoted to Vsevolod Meyerhold organized in Aberystwyth, Wales, by the Centre for Performance Research, Eugenio Barba, director of the Odin Theatre, Denmark, gave a moment-to-moment analysis of the implications for the actor of Meyerhold's étude: Throwing the Stone. The archive records this detailed reflection which followed a demonstration of the étude, given at the time, by Ralf Räuker, a student of Gennadi Bogdanov. (1997)

Barker, Clive (1997)

Theatre Games

210 minutes

Clive Barker is the author of Theatre Games and has led related workshops in a number of countries. He edits the New Theatre Quarterly. Barker began his career as an actor in Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop Company in Stratford, E.15, London, before becoming a teacher and director. This is an edited record of Barker's work with a group of professional actors at The London Studio in September 1996 in which he begins with simple children's games, and then moves to increasingly complex concerns within the acting process, often illuminated through reference to his years with Littlewood. The archive, made by the Arts Documentation Unit in association with the Open University, was the fullest filmed record of Barker's teaching work at the time. (1997)

Barker, Clive (2005)

Theatre Jazz

50 minutes

An archive that focuses on Barker's use of Theatre Games, leading participants to what Barker calls Theatre Jazz - a game which, for Barker, holds the elements of theatre. Included are interviews, articles and statements, and an analysis of the various games. (2005)


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