Campbell, Ken (2006)

On Ventriloquism

180 minutes

Ken Campbell gave this lecture demonstration in April 2006 as part of the Giving Voice festival at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. Known as the one-man dynamo of British theatre” he was to die two years later. The Guardian at the time judged him to be one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in the British Theatre of the past half-century. He was, for a time, Professor of Ventriloquism at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London. In this recording he teaches his audience the basics of ventriloquism, interspersed with numerous anecdotes given in the inimitable Campbell manner.

Castro, Luis (2001)

Autobiographical performance installation

80 minutes

Luis Castro is one of Portugal's leading theatre directors. In April 1999 he constructed, in an old Lisbon house, what he terms a "perfinst", concerned with his family's life as "colons" in the Portuguese colonial territory of Mozambique before and during the time of the Portuguese revolution of 1974. The event, which addressed a personal history within a political and social context, was widely acclaimed. This double archive, researched and edited by Dorinda Hulton, documents, using mpeg compressed video, some 80 minutes of the performance and provides complementary information concerning background, process and artistic concerns. (2001)

Chakyar, Raman (2001)


81 minutes

Kutiyattam is one of the world's oldest forms of narrative theatre, employing a recognisable combination of gesture, music and dramaturgy. The practice has been passed down in India over hundreds of years but today there are only some 30 performers still practising this gestural theatre language which lies behind the better known form Kathakali. This archive focuses on Raman Chakyar from the Kalamandalam in Kerala as he teaches the performance of a short sequence from the Ramayana. The record was made on the occasion of Chakyar's visit to London as part of the International Workshop Festival. (2001)


Cheechern, Vichit (1999)

The Way of the Warrior.

157 minutes

In 1998 the International Workshop Festival, London, produced, on behalf of Asia House, a festival of martial arts, led by a number of the world's leading practitioners. The Arts Documentation Unit recorded three aspects of each of these art forms - the introductory demonstrations given at Sadlers Wells, the workshops given by the artists to each other whilst performing in Germany, and the full performances given in London.

In Volume 2:

Sathyanarayanam (India) Kalarippayattu
Vichit Cheechern (Thailand) Krabbi Krabbong
Herman Suwanda (Indonesia) Pencak Silat

Cirla, Brigitte (1994)

Voice Work

90 minutes

Brigitte Cirla was, for several years, a member of Théâtre du Lierre, one of France's most renowned music theatre companies. She now directs the company Voix Polyphoniques based in Marseille. She is both an actress and a voice teacher. In this record, she is seen leading a group warm-up and working individually with the young Welsh singer, Eddie Ladd. The archive focuses particularly on the relationship of the jaw to the voice. (1994)

Crickmay, Chris and Tufnell, Miranda (2004)

Body, Image, Space

22 minutes

Chris Crickmay and Miranda Tufnell's work has been highly influential in performance training, drawing on the role of the body and sensory experience to stimulate the imagination. This has been supported with the publication of two seminal books Body, Space, Image (Dance Books 1990) and A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imgination (Dance Books. 2004). In this edited version of a workshop given in 2004 they present key aspects of their approach.


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