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  Akademia Ruchu:
Performance of "Everyday life after the Revolution II. "Wojciech Krukowski in conversation. VOL 1
A Workshop: Compositional techniques. VOL2
  Allain, Paul:
Suzuki training - an introductory file VOL 1
Suzuki training - an introductory file VOL 2
  Amy de la   Breteque,   Benoît:
The anatomy of the voice
  Andrews, Gaël:
Voice practice
  Armstrong, Richard:
  Barba, Eugenio:
Meyerhold's Etude: Throwing the Stone
  Barker, Clive:
Theatre Games VOL 1
Theatre Jazz VOL 2
  Bautz, Fabian:
Eurhythmics and Jaques-Dalcroze
  Barbe, Fran:
On Butoh
  Bogdanov, Gennadi:

Meyerhold's Biomechanics and Rhythm Vol 1-8

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  Bral, Grzegorz
  Zubrzycka, Anna:
The actor's co-ordination
  Butcher, Rosemary:
Choreography in Retrospect
  Campbell, Ken:
On Ventriloquism
   Castro, Luis:
Autobiographical performance installation
  Chakyar, Raman:
  Cirla, Brigitte:
Voice Work
  Crickmay, Chris and Tufnell, Miranda:
Body, Image, Space
  (Ellen Barlow, Simone Forti, Deobrah Hay, K.J.Holmes,   Jerry Hunt, Karen   Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Lee Saunders, Stephanie Skura,   Nancy Stark Smith,   Meg   Stuart, Christine Svane) CNDO TRANSCRIPTS
  Dowling, Niamh:
Alexander Technique into performance
  Duck, Katie:
On Exiting
  Dupuy, Dominique:
The Poetics of Movement VOL 1
Autour du Baton VOL 2
  Eisenberg,   Avner:
A Discourse on Clowning
  Etchells, Tim:
On the work of Forced Entertainment

  Fava, Antonio
  Rudlin John:

Masks of the Commedia Dell'Arte

Foursight Theatre:

Reans Girls Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  Forced   Entertainment:
Who can Sing a Song to Unfrighten Me?

Furse, Anna:

  Yerma's Eggs
  Don Juan. Who?
  Sick of Love
   Fusheng, Liu /     Zhaofang, Lu:
Fight in the dark
  Hahlo, Richard:
An introduction to Stanislavski for teachers
  Hamilton, Julyen:
Dance Improvisation
  Heggen, Claire:
A Singular Protocol
  Hodge, Alison: The Quick and the Dead – the development of core training and performance
  Houben, Jos:
The Neutral Mask
  Hulton, Dorinda:

One Square Foot - an exploration into interdisciplinary performer training


Foursight Theatre’s Greek Productions

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  Hutch, Johnny:
Acrobatic and vaudeville routines
  Ikeda, Carlotta:
The Walk and Butoh
  Kalinska, Zofia:
Objects and emotions - a Kantor legacy Vol 1
On Kantor Vol 2
  Karczag, Eva:
The Constructive Rest Position
  Karczag, Eva /   Geddes, Gerda:
A preparation for the walk in Tai Chi
  Kelman, Scott:
  Khagan: African Stepping
  Kilcoyne, Anne /   Steve Paxton: Touchdown Dance
  Kraus, Lisa: The Practice of Meridians
  Lamb, Warren: Decision making and Movement Pattern Analysis
  Levinski, Alexei: Meyerhold's Biomechanics: A Workshop
  Linklater, Kristin: Teaching voice
  Masanosuke, Gojo: Onnagata and the Fan
  Mason, Felicity: The training sessions of Michael Chekhov
  Materic, Mladen: Organic Sequences in the theatre Vol 1
Organic Sequences Vol 2
  Mayer, Liza: The Voice - its roots and potential
  McDermott, Phelim: Space, Improvisation and Creativity
  Merlin, Joanna: Michael Chekhov's Psychological Gesture
  Nelson, Lisa: Tuning at L'animal a l'esquena
  Newell, Garet: A Lesson in the Feldenkrais Method
  O'Donnell   Fulkerson, Mary: Release: Language of the axis
  Oguri / Van de Ven,   Frank: Body Weather Laboratory
  O’Reilly, Kaite: In Praise of Fallen Women – exploring a bi-lingual theatre Vol.1
  Oliver, Clifford: Story telling in schools
  Pardo, Enrique: Shadow Boxing
  Pavis, Patrice: Working with Brecht’s Gestus
  Pearson, Mike: Brith Gof: Working Practices
  The RAT Theatre Memorial Workshop
  Ralli, Teresa: A Work Demonstration
  Rea, Kenneth: Towards acting through games
  Rodenburg, Patsy: Freeing the voice
  Serban, Andrei: The use of sticks in performance training
  Saunders, Lee: The CNDO transcripts
  Saville, Ian: An introduction to Socialist Magic
  Schmale, Eva: Body Awareness
Shaughnessy, Nicola and Turner, Sarah Imagining Autism: Now I See The World
  Skinner, Joan: An introduction to Skinner Releasing Technique
  Smith, Henry: Breath and the Actor
  Staniewski,   Wlodzimierz: Gardzienice, Poland
  Stephenson,   Geraldine: In the spirit of Laban Vol. 1
  Suryodarma,   Suprapto: Amerta Movement
  Theatre Alibi: Story telling as theatre
  Tompa, Gabor: A Director's workshop on Hamlet
  Turner, Cathy: Three collaborations within writing and performing
  (Lokendra Arambam / Nongmaithem Khilton /   Henry Smith/ Shaolin   Monks) - WAY OF THE WARRIOR Vol.1
   (Vichit Cheechern / Sathyanarayanam / Herman Suwanda) - WAY OF THE   WARRIOR Vol.2
  Williams, Scott: Sanford Meisner - the exercise of repetition
  Yon, Keith: Performance in Special Education
  Zarrilli, Phillip: From Kalarippayattu to Beckett
  Zinder, David: Actor training

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